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good game, made it with 25 seconds left :-)


Thanks for playing. I see that all the people who reach the end have 20 seconds more. So I am thinking of returning this project in a new project with more levels and some modifications.

I actually really enjoyed this game, was a nice little rage/platformer game

It makes me very happy that you would like the mini game. Your video was very funny and entertaining.

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Interesting game, but the physics is a bit meh... Also the first level is the harder which is a bit weird (once I beat it, I breezed trough the other two).

But overall really cool mini game :)

Thanks for playing. Physics is as you say and yes, I decided to reverse the difficulty curve so that the player thinks he was facing something impossible to achieve in a short time. Maybe in the future I will make another prototype based on this and add more elements and levels to improve the experience.

Pretty interesting game, as uninspiring as it is. The controls are good and functional. The level design probably needs some work though. For example, the levels feel like it has much things in it that it doesn't have a particular set of direction. It feels a bit cluttered since large parts of levels are often just not used. Either way, it looks pretty good for an early submission.

Thanks for the review. Yes, you are very right in what you comment. Much of the levels have sections that are not used.

I played Inspiring Pineapple before this game, wish me luck.

Pase el primer nivel una vez no se como...

Tiene su método. De los caminos posibles, sólo por uno pude pasar más de una vez.

Really cool i love it :D.  Yet i still think the levels should be getting harder, not easier like it was for me.  :)

I chose to do it this way since the first one is very frustrating if the right path is not found. The third level was the most difficult, it became very frustrating because time was running out trying to go through the last hole. I modified the opening 2px but it became extremely easy. I was in the dilemma that the game could end or not. I decided on the second. I'm glad you liked it.

It's a pretty well executed platformer, but it's not really that orignal.

I had few hours off so I was inclined to try to comply with the slogan only. I wish I could dedicate more time to add more mechanics.

Got it with 26 seconds left

Thanks for playing

An unoriginal concept, but a well executed one. Gave me a good laugh, and remarkably complete and issue-free for such an early submission.